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Bending flat steel

Bending flat steel is one of the main applications of the Stierli bending machine. Depending on the sheet thickness, v-blocks of various sizes can be used for flat steel bending using quick clamping system tools.


Bending v-block - Sizes - Sheet metal thicknesses:

V-blockOptimal sheet thickness
MW 101-2 mm
MW 182-3 mm
MW 304-5 mm
MW 456-8 mm
MW 65

8-10 mm

MW 858-14 mm
MW 12515-20 mm
MW 16020-25 mm
MW 20025-30 mm
MW 24030-40 mm
MW ....

> greater than 40 mm

We also bend larger cross-sections, such as 250 x 100 mm or 500 x 60 mm


The size of the bending radii can affect the choice of bending v-block.
If the bending radius is a little larger in relation to the sheet thickness, a correspondingly larger bending v-block must be used.

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