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Horizontal bending machine

Horizontal bending machine

Powerful bending and straightening solutions that will impress you

Horizontal bending machinesWith   its various tool solutions, the Stierli bending machine is very versatile. Its open design provides plenty of advantages for manufacturing bent parts and straightening work.   As a universal bending machine  and straightening machine, the Stierli bending machine is used in numerous industries and for both single part/small series production and series manufacturing. Various control concepts, including manual bending machines and powerful CNC bending machines, provide the operator with optimal support in the production process.


HEHorizontal bending machines with manual control system
CNCThe bending programm will be created by the operator. Corrections of angles and back gauge (length stop) during the bending process are possible.
CNC-WThe bending programm will be created fully automatically by entering the angle and the leg length. Incl. material and tooling library (as with a modern vertical press brake)
CNC-WPSame as CNC-W, but with additional active angle measuring during the bending process, incl. automatic correction (autom. rebending)





Metal bending with the horizontal bender with bending program and automatically controlled length stop (autom. back gauge). The bending angles and several bends can be programmed in the bending program. The radius of the bend can be defined with different bending tools such as bending punch and prism (V-block), analogous to a vertical bending bench.

CNC length stop with automatic back gauge retraction.

Fast, precise and space-saving bending. The conventional 85 HE bending machine with manual back gauge.

Our bending centre is now also available with an automatic bending robot.


The Stierli bending machine impresses with its countless advantages:

  • Larger and wider working table
    The working area has generous dimensions, which means that larger bending parts can be positioned securely.

  • Long cylinder stroke with large insertion width
    When it comes to aligning welded structures or using special tools, having sufficiently large stroke and insertion width is a big advantage.

  • Robust machine design
    The rigid, robust design of the machine guarantees precise working with excellent long-term accuracy.

  • High repeat accuracy
    The combination of a very rigid machine design, precise hydraulics and the use of high-quality control components results in high repeat accuracy.

  • Very strong cylinder guiding system
    The very strong cylinder design means that open guides are not required. The entirely enclosed guide system offers many advantages that help to maintain a long service life and long-term accuracy:
    - The guide system is protected against wear 
    (in contrast to open guides)
    - No additional lubrication required, no need for servicing.
    - Our guide concept allows the working table to be completely enclosed 
    (see next point)

  • Precise, enclosed working table
    The mechanically finished machine table provides a flat, clean surface. It is completely enclosed and does not require any openings for additional guides. As a result, small bending parts do not become jammed and scale cannot enter the guide system.

  • Movable with pallet lift truck or crane
    If necessary, the Stierli bending machine can be moved easily to wherever it is required.

  • Little space required
    The compact design means that the Stierli bending machine can be used anywhere in the workshop.

  • Compact, flexible and robust quality tools
    Stierli-Bieger offers tools which, on the one hand, allow fine machining with small leg lengths, small U, L or Z bending dimensions. On the other hand, heavy-duty, strong bending tools are available for heavy bending machining.

  • Quick-change tool system
    Changing tools takes a matter of seconds.

  • Universal application
    Numerous tools are available, offering an enormous production potential. 

  • High bending output (up to 600 bends/hour)
    In many cases, a Stierli bending machine is more cost-effective 

  • Technical advantages and cost benefits over vertical press brakes.
    The Stierli bending machine often has its nose ahead. More cost-effective, faster and more compact production is just one of the many arguments in favour of a Stierli bending machine. Find out more here.

  • Cost-effective purchase in terms of uses and service life
    The Stierli bending machine is mainly used as a production machine with outstanding cost effectiveness. The long service life of a Stierli bending machine increases the cost effectiveness of this investment further.

    However, there are also some companies that use the Stierli bending machine to make prototypes or small series, or for occasional uses.
    Such companies appreciate the constant availability of the Stierli bending and straightening machine, as they do not have to depend on external production service providers and thus have greater flexibility, enabling them to offer services and supply products more quickly. 

  • Easy loading of the workpieces
    The open design with large insertion width allows easy loading and parts handling. For large, heavy or long-sided parts, crane loading is an option.

  • User-friendly control.
    Our controls are designed in such a way that the operator can learn how to use them very quickly. 

    The manual control system is very popular and has been tried and tested in deployment over decades. The control system can be picked up in just a few minutes. The manual control system allows very precise working with its fine stroke setting.

    The modern, powerful CNC control system has a clearly designed multiple line display. Graphical symbols support and facilitate the operating process.


Secondary Workstation software

Available for all control System.
The BendEdit is also a good tool for manual controls (HE) to determine the stop positions of the controlled cnc back gauge.


  • Efficient creation of the bending programs with fast angle and leg length programming on secondary Workstations.
  • Automatic calculation of the stop positions using the integrated material library and K-factors
  • Calculation and display of the total length
  • Direct graphical and full-scale 1: 1 live display of the programmed bending partBending simulation with stepwise analysis function and display of bending sequences.Automatic bending sequence calculation.
  • Individual bending sequences can be set separately.
  • Print bending program as a report (e.g. as working paper for operators) The report contains the required stop positions, bending mass, total length and the bending simulation step by step.


As an alternative to the already convenient machine programming system, the machine can be programmed using the “Metalix” system. (CAD / CAM)


The busbars can be created directly in Metalix. It is also possible to import DXF data. Metalix offers a direct interface with 3D systems such as SolidWorks, AutoCad Inventor, ePlan etc. The busbar drawing can be transferred directly into Metalix CAD/CAM. Processing including the holes, position of the bending lines and the length before bending is shown correctly. The bending or stamping program is created at the push of a button.

The CU-Profi professional CNC stamping centre from Boschert is also operated with the same programming system. It is therefore possible to create the stamping and bending program for a busbar with one file. The programming work is kept to a minimum.

This combination creates a high-performance busbar machining centre that has the latest machine and programming technology. This combination represents the most economical and modern production capacity and is at the cutting edge of technology.



The description is similar to that for the Metalix programming system.

RADAN also offers the possibility of designing the busbars in 3D with the integrated 3D module. The customer does not need a separate 3D CAD system to benefit from the advantages of 3D design (programming speed and minimization of sources of error).


Connection to 3D CAD systems (AutoCad Inventor, SolidWorks, ePlan...)

Until now, conventional programming for bending parts with stamping work (including busbars) has required a lot of time. In combination with modern 3D CAD systems and the Metalix or Radan programming system, this time can be reduced dramatically. Possible sources of error are also eliminated in the process.


  • Automatic processing directly from 3D.
    The length before bending, position of the stamps and bending lines are calculated automatically and do not require further adjustment. Technical data about the material and tool is used in the background.
  • Automatic creation of the bending program for the bending and stamping machine
  • Significant time-saving in part programming.
  • Excludes sources of error and increases process reliability

Modern busbar production is based increasingly on this production model.


Alternative bending concepts from Stierli-Bieger AG:

You can also use the navigation on our website to find other machines for bending, such as the radial bender with 360° rotary plate (without rollers). This excellent angle bender works like a folding bending machine, round bending machine or a hand bender, but with control and strong electric drives (control manually not available). This type of bender is also suitable for thick or thin flat steels, sheets, profiles and iron bars. Companies that use a roll bending machine very often also use our radial bending machine. The prices are similar to a medium-sized horizontal bending machine.





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