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Bending flat bar


Bending flat bar is one of the main applications of the Stierli flat bar bender. With this hydraulic bender, steel bars can be bent quickly and precisely with ease.

The V-block prism is a standard tool of our bending machines

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Bending with standard V-block (brake tool)

Depending on the sheet thickness, v-blocks of various sizes can be used for flat steel bending using quick clamping system tools.


Bending v-block - Sizes - Sheet metal thicknesses:

V-block Optimal sheet thickness
MW 101-2 mm
MW 182-3 mm
MW 304-5 mm
MW 456-8 mm
MW 65

8-10 mm

MW 858-14 mm
MW 12515-20 mm
MW 16020-25 mm
MW 20025-30 mm
MW 24030-40 mm
MW ....

> greater than 40 mm

We also bend larger cross-sections, such as 250 x 100 mm or 500 x 60 mm

The size of the bending radii can affect the choice of bending v-block.
If the bending radius is a little larger in relation to the sheet thickness, a correspondingly larger bending v-block must be used.

Step bending (sheet step technique)

Bending of large radii

Large radii can be bent with both the horizontal bending machine and the radial bending machine.


Horizontal bending machine:
- Use of large bending v-blocks and a large bending punch
- Forming tools
- Step-by-step bending
(bending in several small segments, e.g. a small bend every 20 mm)


Radial bending machine:
- Use of large bending pins.

Bending sheet metal with a swivel v-block

 For aesthetic reasons, it is often desirable to avoid traces of bending and bending marks when bending sheet metal. Swivel bending jaws reduce the marks when bending sheet metal. Virtually mark-free bending is possible.

Bending long parts (e.g. vehicle beam bottom chord)

 Bending of long parts is not ideal on vertical presses and can even be dangerous.

With the Stierli bending machine, long parts are bent significantly more easily and safely in horizontal position. The open design makes it easier to insert the components.

Reverse bending

With reverse bending, the punch and v-block are swapped over. Reverse bending is recommended for certain types of bending work.






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