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Roll-Out rack

Roll-Out rack

The roll-out material rack manufactured by Stierli Bieger AG is a very robust and compact storage system with a loading capacity of up to 1'500 kg per case (with two arms). Among its many advantages, the system offers improved utilisation of floor space, tidy and compact storage within the factory, safe and quick material handling, reducing down times of production machinery.  

The different removal arms allow the storage of large profiles in a confined space.The open construction and simple operation allows easy loading and unloading of flat materials, steel sections or other materials. The arms can removed easily and safely by hand. The synchronised system developed by Stierli Bieger AG guarantees parallel running of the arms by each loading shelve.The arms are equipped with maintenance free grooved ball bearings.  

Additional sheet metal channels or wood supports can be installed if desired.


  • Logistic improvement with result of more free space
  • Economic and ergonomic use of space
  • Industrial safety improved as driveways no longer need to be adjusted
  • Very fast access with large time saving
  • large and bulky pieces are stored clearly and in a space saving way.
  • Stable and free standing system  
  • Simply operation by one person
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