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RAIL bending and straightening machines

RAIL bending and straightening machines

Rail construction companies and points factories from all over the world opt for our tried and tested rail bending and straightening machines. The rail bending systems of Stierli-Bieger are used throughout the world, wherever professional, stationary bending is required. The continuous development, specialization and high reliability of the rail bending machine have established our machines on the market and they dominate modern rail machining. Along with simple manual control systems, ultra-modern CNC controls with laser systems are available, which machine rails with a high degree of process reliability and automation.





Discover the benefits of the rail bending machine for yourself:

  • Tried and tested technology and reliability
    The many benefits of our rail bending machines have led to rail construction companies and points factories from all over the world opting for our tried and tested professional bending solutions. We have a wide range of excellent references

  • Various, universal applications for rail machining
    Rail construction and points factories value the universal applications of this hydraulic press:

    • Bending grooved rails
    • Bending Vignoles rails
    • Bending and straightening tongue rails
    • Bending full-web rails
    • Bending special rails
    • Bending rails by folding
    • Straightening rails
    • Torsion straightening of rails
    • Straightening frogs

  • Integrated, modern control system based on practical experience
    Our controls are designed in such a way that the operator can learn how to use them very quickly. With our many years of experience, we know the bending process inside and out and we have developed the optimal, powerful control systems to meet the demands of straightening and bending work.

    The modern, powerful CNC control system has a clearly designed user interface. Graphical symbols support and facilitate the operating process.

  • High process reliability for bending work
    With the use of advanced laser technology, different material-related spring-back can be offset. This increases the precision and process reliability of rail bending.

  • Fast set-up
    Laser-supported bending and straightening reduces the effort involved in setting up. Bending radii can be entered directly with the powerful CNC control system. 

  • Very strong, robust machine design
    The rigid, robust design of the machine guarantees precise working with excellent long-term accuracy.

  • Fast switching of the bending direction with the movable abutments
    Without turning the rails, the bending direction can be changed by automatic adjustment of the abutments. This is also helpful when a rail requires overbending in manual mode and is to be bent back.

  • Robust dressing bars for precise straightening and bending results
    Our dressing bars are extremely solid, which is essential for precise bending and straightening results.
  • Very strong cylinder guiding system
    The very strong cylinder design means that open guides are not required. The entirely enclosed guide system offers many advantages that help to maintain a long service life and long-term accuracy:
    - The guide system is protected against wear 
    (in contrast to open guides)
    - No additional lubrication required, no need for servicing.
    - Our guide concept allows the working table to be completely enclosed.
    Scale cannot enter the guide system.

  • High repeat accuracy
    The combination of a very rigid machine design, precise hydraulics and the use of high-quality control components results in high repeat accuracy.
  • Stopping under load
    For set-up work or manual straightening work, the straightening press is able to stop under load.
  • Continuously adjustable working speed from 0-10 mm/s
    A continuously adjustable working speed is a big advantage for precise adjustment work. Bending can be carried out at full speed in automatic mode without reducing the speed when the bending point is reached.

  • Mobile or crane
    If necessary, the Stierli bending or straightening machine can be moved to a different set-up location.

  • Advantages over roller bending machines
    The Stierli-Bieger concept has won through over roller bending machines in recent years. Cost-effective and reliable bending processes can be carried out with the Stierli hydraulic press. It is possible to bend rails along their entire length. There is no need to cut off straight ends. Almost all new investments in the last 10 years have been in the STIERLI system. 

  • Easy loading of rails
    The open design with large insertion width allows easy loading and parts handling by crane or motorised roller conveyor.



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