10'000 CNC RADIAL bending machine

The Stierli-Bieger RADIAL 10,000 CNC is a very efficient system that is equipped with a modern touchscreen colour display and 2-axis control. The operator can program the system very easily. 200 programs each with up to 20 bends per program can be saved. Other programs can be swapped in via an interface. The machine can be operated with a manual or programmable length stop. The required bending angle can be programmed directly. The bending angle and stop positions in the program can be adjusted at any time in +/- 0.1° (+/- 0.1 mm) steps to offset material-related tolerances.

The very strong radial bending machine is designed in such a way that a wide range of tools can be set up very easily. The Stierli-Bieger Radial can be used with large radii, arch segments, bends over 90°, spirals, enclosed shapes and many other applications. You can achieve the high hourly output for 180° bends using the digital angle preselection with basic compensation and the automatic spring-back adjustment. Operation is by hand or foot switch. The radial bending machine is characterised by its ease of operation, low tool costs and high repeat accuracy. It is suitable for bending steel, copper, aluminium and other materials. Find out about the numerous application of the STIERLI BENDING MACHINE for yourself.

New: now also with 2 directions of rotation


(anti-clockwise/clockwise rotation)

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