FRM-20 flange straightening machine

The FRM-20 flange straightening machine is designed for straightening flanges on welded T and H beams. The horizontal design of the machine makes handling of large, heavy beams easy. The workpiece is fed into the machine by means of a roller conveyor. The drive is provided by two powerful geared motors.  Straightening of the beam requires one or more passes. The straightening rollers on the machine are set to the workpiece and the required straightening value.

The robust design of the flange straightening machine ensures the best straightening results for the workpiece, reliable operation and a long service life with little maintenance.

Straightening output:

Narrow H beams T beams, L beams
Flange width (b)150 ~ 800 mm150 ~ 400 mm
Flange thickness (t2)5 ~ 15 mm5 ~ 15 mm
Web height (a)over 250 mm250 ~ 2000 mm
Web thickness (t1)4 ~ 20 mm4 ~ 20 mm
Length 1.5 - 15 m1.5 - 15 m
Weightmax. 12,000 kg / unitmax. 12,000 kg / unit
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