1300 NC - Rail bending and straightening machine

The “1300 NC” stationary bending and straightening system is used for universal, professional bending and straightening in rail and points construction.

The horizontal design facilitates simple handling and transport of the rails. With the long cylinder stroke, the rails can be machined upright or horizontally. The tool height of 300 mm allows for straightening and bending of all standard rail profiles. The abutments can be set electro-mechanically to the rail profile required. With the quick-change tool system, the machine can be refitted for a different rail profile very quickly.  

A modern, powerful CNC+ Control with fine stroke adjustment and optional laser system supports the operator when bending and straightening the rails. Up to 200 bending and straightening programs can be created, in which the movements of powered support rollers or powered conveyor belts can be programmed. In automatic mode, rail machining can therefore be carried out economically.

  • Bending grooved rails
  • Bending Vignoles rails
  • Bending and straightening tongue rails (tongue rail straightening machine)
  • Bending full-web rails
  • Bending special rails
  • Bending rails by folding

  • Straightening rails
  • Torsion straightening of rails
  • Straightening frogs


The robust and heavy design of this bending and straightening machine guarantees precise straightening results.

Areas of application
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