1300 HE - SE bending machine for ship’s profiles

The “1300 HE - SE” ship’s frame bending machine is designed for bending profiles for ship’s frames. As well as HP ship’s frames (HP profiles, Holland profiles or bulb flats), other profiles such as L and T profiles can be bent. The ship’s frames can be bent individually or in pairs. The direction of machining (S bends) can be switched without changing the bending tools. The bending process can be carried out quickly and precisely. The operator is assisted by the manual control with fine stroke adjustment which is easy to operate.  The bending stroke and clamping of the Holland profiles are controlled automatically by the control system.

The abutments can be set to the ship’s profile required. With the quick-change tool system, the machine can be refitted for a different profile very quickly.  

The special oil-lubricated guided cylinder requires no maintenance! The working pressure and speed can be controlled continuously and easily.

The universal ship’s frame bending machine can be used for the following bending and straightening work:

  • Bending ship’s frames (HP profile, bulb flats, Holland profile)
    single / double
  • Bending T-profile, L-profile
  • Edge bending of flat steel
  • Bending of special profiles


By resetting the tools, the machine can also be operated as a universal straightening and bending machine:

  • Bending pipes up to 3”
  • Bending flat steel with v-blocks
  • Carrying out various types of straightening work
  • Straightening of welded parts and welded structures
  • Straightening of steel plates and flame-cut parts 
  • Heavy form bending work (work with heavy v-blocks or dies)



The robust and heavy design of this ship’s frame bending machine guarantees precise bending results. The open design enables optimal part handling and loading of the machine using a factory crane or powered roller conveyor.

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