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Rail machining

Rail machining

Make the most of our extensive experience in rail machining.

Rail construction companies and points factories from all over the world opt for our tried and tested professional bending solutions. The rail bending systems of Stierli-Bieger are used throughout the world, wherever professional, stationary bending is required. Continuous development and specialisation has led to this rail bending machine dominating modern rail machining. We have a very large number of excellent references.

Along with simple manual control systems, ultra-modern CNC controls with laser systems are available, which bend rails with a high degree of process reliability and automation. Even parabolic transition curves can be bent using a program.

The Stierli-Bieger concept has won through over roller bending machines in recent years. It is therefore possible to bend rails along their entire length. There is no need to cut off straight ends. Feed systems with roller conveyors and turning devices ensure problem-free transport of the rails.

The bending machine excels in all areas relating to rail construction:

  • Bending grooved rails
  • Bending Vignoles rails
  • Bending and straightening tongue rails
  • Bending full-web rails
  • Bending special rails
  • Bending rails by folding

  • Straightening rails
  • Torsion straightening of rails
  • Straightening frogs

For smaller-scale rail machining, our cost-effective 820 HE or 820 CNC can be used. For typical stationary bending stations, we use the 2200 - 3300 RP/NC or 2200 - 3300 RP/CNC. For straightening large frogs, we use 440 tonne or 600 tonne machines.

ROTATOR rail turning device


Rails can be rotated and turned 360° with the Stierli Rotator. This opens up various areas of application in the field of rails, e.g.:

  • Quick visual inspection of rails.
  • Efficient polishing or grinding work on rails/points
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