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Vehicle construction

Vehicle construction

Stierli bending machines are used for various types of work in the vehicle construction industry. Vehicle parts are frequently bent with the bending machine in place of complex welding and sawing work. But the Stierli bending machine is also ideal for straightening work in vehicle construction. We also have special solutions for trailer producers who can bend vehicle chords with our machines without having to turn the component.

Horizontal bending and straightening machines:


  • Chassis construction
    Bending profiles (e.g. C or Z profiles) instead of welding them

  • Bending thick and long flat steel (e.g. 200x16 for vehicle bottom chords)

  • Two-sided bending (without turning the long component)

  • Pre-tensioning vehicle beams instead of burning out and welding beams

  • Straightening welded chassis parts

  • Bending roll bars (round, square or rectangular tubes)

  • Bending various parts (climbing aids, brackets, etc.)

  • Forklifts:
    Straightening vertical C-masts
    Bending forks instead of welding them

  • Trailer construction:
    Bending square pipes

  • Bending and straightening Hardox (wear-resistant metal sheet for construction machines)

Turning device for turning and rotating the chassis


The ROTATOR turning device increases safety and productivity when rotating large vehicle parts.
With the ROTATOR 2500, large welded vehicle underbodies can also be rotated safely.

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