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CNC sheet metal machining

CNC sheet metal machining

There are plenty of good reasons to use the Stierli-Bieger bending machine in sheet metal engineering. The machine is very often used as an alternative to a vertical press brake. The following considerations are relevant here:

  • Why tie up an expensive vertical press brake with small or simple bent parts? The Stierli bending machine bends parts like these faster and more cost-effectively (up to 600 bends/hour)

  • Why damage a press brake with thick flat steel?
    Bending thick pieces of flat steel on your press brake is not good for the press in the long term and can even damage it. We have several customers who have damaged their press and now carry out this heavy bending work on the Stierli bending machine.

  • With the CNC-W control system, you feel like you are working on a modern press brake. (Input of angles and lengths).

    Top: Automatic angle adjustment

    With the CNC-WP control system, you can compensate for material fluctuations with the integrated angle measurement because the machine re-bends as required (automatic angle adjustment).

  • Enclosed shapes or difficult bends can be bent thanks to the open design.

  • Bend long parts safely. Optimal part handling. Loading by crane possible.

  • Manual control enables all employees to operate it. Simpler parts can also be bent by less qualified personnel.

  • Faster tool changes.

  • Your own tool solutions can be implemented easily
    (e.g. stamping work for multiple bends with just one stroke = series production).

  • Low tool costs.

  • Low investment costs.

  • Little space required, mobile.

  • The robust, high-quality machine is guaranteed to have a long service life with low maintenance costs.

    Radial bending machine:

    The radial bending machine is very often used in CNC sheet metal machining companies. Bends greater than 90° can be bent very easily using the bending machine with rotary plate. Standard tools (bending pins or bending mandrels) can be made very economically. The machine can be operated with an automatic length stop to complete the bending programs efficiently.

    The radial bending machine is particularly suitable for series production.

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