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Medical equipment

Medical equipment

We have designed specialised bending solutions for medical equipment that meet the high specifications of the medical sector. Both the round bending machine (radial bending machine) and the horizontal bending machine are used successfully:

  • Bending of titanium / TAN.
  • Bending of medical steel
  • Bending of fixing elements for implants

Bending brackets


4 jaw tool for 180° (>90°)

This tool can be used to bend flat stock (flat steel) or round steel over 90°. Angles up to 180° can be achieved in this way. This tool is easy to fit to the horizontal bending machine. In particular, brackets with 180° bends can be made easily with this tool.

For larger series, we also recommend our radial bending machine.

180° edge bending

The radial bending machine makes it possible to create bends over 90° on the flat side - edge bending. 180° bends or greater can be achieved with edge bending on the radial bending machine.

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