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Steel service centers

Steel service centers

The demands on a bending press for bending and straightening beams in steel service centres are high. They must have a robust design to be able to withstand the mechanical loads consistently. The control system must be designed in such a way that the operator is supported as effectively as possible during the bending or straightening process so that the throughput time for bending beams is kept to the minimum.??

STIERLI bending presses meet the high demands that are placed on hydraulic presses. They have an extremely robust design and carry out their work reliably. A modern CNC control with laser system allows a high degree of automation which guarantees the process reliability required and therefore lowers costs.

??Stierli bending machines are used in steel service centres and are either designed as stand-alone machines or are integrated directly into a beam sawing and drilling line by means of cross roller conveyors.

??Straightening presses up to 880 tonnes are now available. (880 tonnes for pre-tensioning HLR 1100 beams, for example)

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