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Steel construction

Steel construction

Stierli-Bieger has plenty of interesting machine solutions for steel construction companies.

Straightening presses:
Steel construction companies value the robust STIERLI straightening presses, which have been in use for decades. Thanks to their reliability and long service life, the machines have an excellent reputation on the market. Straightening presses up to 880 tonnes are now being made. Straightening work or pre-tensioning of beams required in steel construction can be completed easily and efficiently with the Stierli bending press. The operator has the assistance of control systems ranging from manual control to CNC laser control.

For over 12 years, steel construction companies have recognised the potential of the STIERLI Rotator as far as welding speed and safety are concerned. It is therefore no surprise that many steel construction companies now have several machines in operation at the same time.

Turning and rotating beams is a serious business. Steel construction companies therefore choose the Stierli Rotator, which is made by us to the highest quality standards and works on the safe chain principle.

Flange straightening machine:
If a flange becomes distorted during welding work on a beam, the flange straightening machine provides the remedy. Flanges can be straightened in continuous operation.

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