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Series production

Series production

There are 4 different production concepts for manufacturing larger series efficiently on the Stierli-Bieger bending machine.

  1. Manual bending machine + forming tools
    Probably the most efficient way to produce series parts.
    With stamping tools (forming tools), the complete shape is bent with just one stroke.

  2. Manual bending machine + manual stop
    The most cost-effective investment.
    All parts are bent with the first bend, then the stop is set up for the second bend and all of the parts are bent to the second angle, and so on.

  3. CNC bending machine with CNC length stop
    With the quick length stop, bending programs with multiple bends can be set up very easily

  4. Radial bending machine
    The machine is particularly suitable for bending angles greater than 90°. Multiple bends can also be set up in the bending program.
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