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Special tooling
Special tooling

Special tooling

The Stierli bending machine is ideally suited to using special tools. Special tools can be attached to the machine very easily. For example, on the cylinder side there are already appropriate fixing holes or T groves to accommodate the special tools.

We have extensive expertise in special tools, which we have been making since Stierli-Bieger was founded in 1936. Since then, many special bending tools have been produced to solve our clients’ wide range of bending problems. Our company has the necessary expertise and our own development department with innovative engineers who like nothing more than to tackle a bending problem.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and make the most of our expertise. Perhaps your bending task has already been solved. Our website shows only a small selection of tooling solutions.

Bending welding electrodes

Bending welding electrodes is a challenge with some of the typical shapes. We have the right solution for almost every existing type of welding electrode.

We have references from many renowned companies in the field of “bending welding electrodes”.

Bending frames (with notches)

Notched angular frames or L-angle profile frames can be bent to form an enclosed frame. Our bending solutions automatically centre the notch in the angle profile. This makes production of angle frames very efficient as there is no sawing or welding involved.

Signing tool

With a signing tool, you can number or sign your components and workpieces. The signing tool can be a simple tool or include automatically adjusting numbering.

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