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Bending rails
Bending rails Bending rails

Bending rails

Various rail bending tasks can be completed with the Stierli rail bending system:

  • Bending grooved rails
  • Bending Vignoles rails
  • Bending and straightening tongue rails (tongue rail straightening machine)
  • Bending full-web rails
  • Bending special rails
  • Bending rails by folding

    Other rail machining:

  • Bending stock rails
  • Bending guide rails
  • Bending thick web rails
  • Block rails
  • Bending crane rails
  • Bending full-web rails

Bending Vignoles rails

Vignoles rails can be bent efficiently and professionally in large quantities with the stationary rail bending press. Vignoles rails are bent step by step at regular intervals so that an even radius is created. Cycloids can also be bent with the assistance of the CNC control, for example.

Bending tram rails

Tram rails (grooved rails) can be bent efficiently and reliably with the Stierli bending machine. Rails under higher loads are often milled out and there is material deposit (deposition welding) from higher-quality steel. These tram rails can also be bent with the bending machine.

Bending grooved rails

The Stierli-Bieger rail press bends and straightens grooved rails.

Straightening rail torsion (twisting)

As an option, a torsion device can be fitted to the rail press. This can be folded down whenever torsion straightening is required. Twisting in the rail can therefore be straightened efficiently.

Straightening rails

Rails and rail profiles can be straightened with the stationary straightening system. The rails can be straightened in both axes. The straightening process can be supported with a laser system.

Straightening tongue rails

Tongue rails can be straightened with the Stierli tongue straightening machine. We have the corresponding expertise and the machine and tool technology.

Straightening rail frogs (points)

Straightening rail frogs requires a robust, stable straightening machine like the one made by Stierl-Bieger. We have several excellent references from companies who use the Stierli straightening machine to carry out heavy rail straightening work such as straightening forged rail frogs.

Bending folds in rails

The abutments in the rail bending centre can be adjusted so that rails can also be folded.

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