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Pre-tensioning – cambering beams
Pre-tensioning – cambering beams Pre-tensioning – cambering beams

Pre-tensioning – cambering beams

Steel profiles and beams can be cambered efficiently with the Stierli bending press. The profile is bent at regular intervals to create the pre-tensioning or camber of the steel beam required.

When it comes to structural pre-tensioning of steel profiles, the Stierli straightening press has the advantage over 3-roller bending machines that pre-tensioning is significantly more cost-effective with the Stierli press.

For mechanical pre-tensioning of an HEM 1000 beam, a very large, expensive 3-roller straightening machine would be required. The same process can be carried out significantly more cost-effectively with a Stierli bending press.

Cambering steel beams

Steel beams and steel profiles are cambered for structural or aesthetic reasons.

The Stierli-Bieger bending machine completes this process of cambering steel beams efficiently and precisely. Stierli-Bieger has a wide range of machine models with various control systems. The typical working force of a bending press for cambering steel beams is between 220 and 440 metric tonnes. For special work involving cambering steel beams, we make bending presses with a working force of up to 900 tonnes.

3 different control system variants are available.

  • manual control
  • NC control (with or without laser system)
  • CNC control

Pre-tensioning bridge girders

With Stierli bending and straightening presses, it is possible to pre-tension heavy bridge girders. We build machines up to 900 metric tonnes. These enable pre-tensioning of heavy HL-R 1100 girders.

Cambering and straightening with laser system

Cambering of steel beams requires a certain amount of experience. We provide additional support by using a laser system, which assists with the control of the bending process.

In the case of CNC control, the control system controls the straightening cylinder completely. The operator needs only to enter the required camber and the length of the profile.
Using the values measured with the laser system, the feed values are calculated and the spring-back effect of the steel beam is compensated for.

Straightening with laser measuring system:
The laser measuring system can also be used for the machines with NC-control as a visual control for profiles and beams. The Deformation will be indicated digitaly.

3-roller profile bending machine - cambering beams

A 3-roller profile bending machine facilitates bending and cambering of steel beams.

If beams are being cambered or pre-tensioned for structural purposes, the use of a Stierli bending machine is a much more cost-effective method of production. The Stierli bending machine bends the same beam sizes with a much cheaper machine.

Pre-tensioning beams thus becomes an economical option not only for large steel construction companies. With this relatively small investment, you can pre-tension the beams in your own company and save on transport costs. Or beams no longer require complex welding.

The big advantage of this Stierli bending and straightening machine is that the machine is much more versatile than a three-roller profile bending machine and can be used for other applications.

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