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Wherever beam profiles, plates or welded structures have to be straightened, bent or pre-tensioned, the STIERLI straightening press comes into its own. The bending presses can be used to straighten quickly, precisely and reliably. We offer various straightening solutions from small manual straightening machines to large, automated straightening systems.





STIERLI straightening machines have a very robust design and have been successfully proving their efficiency and consistently reliable operation for decades.

STRAIGHTENING - Overview 3 - 2 pages (without turning)

If a workpiece has to be straightened on several sides and it is preferable to avoid turning it, we offer various straightening solutions.

  • Double dressing bars with manually adjustable abutments (1 cylinder)
  • Double dressing bars with electro-mechanically adjustable abutments (1 cylinder)
  • 2-way straightening press (double-sided straightening machine with 2 straightening cylinders)

Turning workpieces:
A combination of a standard straightening press and one of our turning devices (e.g. a Rotator or a tilt-and-turn device) may be an alternative solution.

The abutments of the dressing bar can be set to the required abutment spacing. The larger the cross-section to be straightened, the greater the abutment spacing must be.

Straightening welded structures

If the distance between two bends is too short for a normal v-block, 2 bends can be bent simultaneously with one stroke using the offset tool.

With this tool, the offset depth can be adjusted continuously using the stroke lengths. The offset width is fixed.

After torch cutting, plates, sheets and profiles are bent and must be straightened (e.g. T profiles after an H beam has been cut in two). Mechanical bending on the Stierli bending machine is easy, precise and reliable.

Straightening steel plates

Bent steel plates can be straightened with the Stierli straightening machine. The process can be simplified with the aid of optional laser measuring systems.

Straightening with the Stierli horizontal straightening machine is much more cost-effective than with a fully automated roller straightening machine.

Straightening welded beams

  This area is currently under construction. Further informations will follow soon.

Straightening L/U/C/I profiles

 Hydraulic straightening of angle steel, U profiles, C profiles, I profiles and H beam profiles can be completed easily and with precise control using the Stierli bending machine.

Profiles are straightened in smaller metalwork shops, metal construction companies, steel construction companies and steel service centres. A straightening process is also involved in the manufacture of steel or aluminium semi-finished products.

Straightening of solid circular material up to 300 mm diameter

 Round or circular cross-sections can be straightened with the Stierli centring straightener. Straightening of pipes or solid circular stock up to large diameters is possible.

In the large diameter range, in particular, automatic roller straightening is no longer possible, or at least only at very high cost. In this case, Stierli offers the appropriate straightening solution to straighten cost-effectively.

Straightening torsion

Twisted profiles can be straightened with an additional device. Twists are straightened hydraulically in the profile (e.g. flat iron, angle steel, rails, etc.).

Flanges are often distorted when beams are welded on. This distortion can be rectified mechanically and hydraulically by our flange straightening machine in continuous operation by means of mechanical straightening of the flange.

Straightening with pins

Additional straightening holes can be provided with straightening pins for fast straightening.

Straightening after galvanization

After galvanization such as zinc plating, components are often bent and twisted.

Galvanizing plants use the Stierli straightening press to straighten the components.

Straightening with control cable

Depending on the requirements, the straightening process can be carried out manually with the naked eye or with an optical display to assist the operator. A long control cable allows the operator to control the straightening process from sufficient distance.

Straightening Hardox

Straightening of burnt Hardox plates and sheets can be carried out with the Stierli straightening press.
Straightening is possible up to a height of 1100 mm.
(Larger plates on request)

Double dressing bars

This area is currently under construction. Further informations will follow soon.

Double-sided straightening

This area is currently under construction. Further informations will follow soon.

2-way straightening presses (from 2 sides)

 Two-sided straightening allows straightening without turning the workpiece. Straightening of two sides can be carried out either with a machine with just one cylinder or with a double-cylinder straightening system.

Hydraulic straightening instead of flame straightening

A mechanical hydraulic straightening machine is part of the standard workshop equipment in many metalworking companies. Flame straightening requires a lot of experience, plenty of time and a supply of energy (gas).

With the Stierli straightening press, you have the edge over flame straighteners:

  • Massive time saving, much more economical
  • The Stierli bending press does not require a lot of experience, as flame straightening does.
    Often only a few employees can flame straighten properly. You are dependent on those employees. If one of them is absent or leaves the company, they are often difficult to replace.
  • Controlled mechanical straightening
  • Both small and large parts can be straightened efficiently
  • The Stierli bending machine is not only useful for straightening
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