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Heavy bending work

Heavy bending work

Stierli bending machines are designed to be extremely robust and are therefore particularly suitable for carrying out heavy bending work – with short or thick pieces of sheet metal, for example. Depending on the model, vertical press brakes can also carry out heavy bending work, but such heavy and concentrated loads over the whole bending length are not advisable as they can affect the mechanics and precision of presses of this sort. Such heavy bending work can even cause damage to press brakes.

That’s why metal sheet processing companies have a Stierli bending machine, which can carry out such work easily, alongside their press brake.

Bending thick plates and thick flat steel

The robust design of Stierli bending machines allows bending of thick flat steel and thick metal plate. With the right v-block, the flat steel can be bent reliably on the Stierli bending machine without risking damage to the tool or machine, as can often be the case with vertical bending machines and press brakes.

Bending Hardox sheet

Bending Hardox is a challenge for the tool and the bending machine. Because of the high tensile strength, relatively high forces are generated when bending a short length of Hardox. We have the appropriate machine and tool technology to bend Hardox.

Bending titanium/TAN

Stierli has developed bending solutions for customers who bend titanium or TAN (e.g. medical technology). Bending titanium or TAN presents particular challenges for the machine and the tool.

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you in detail.

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