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Bending solid material - round, square, rectangular
Bending solid material - round, square, rectangular

Bending solid material - round, square, rectangular

Solid semi-finished products such as round steel or square cross-sections can be bent with outstanding results using the Stierli-Bieger horizontal bending machine. With circular cross-sections, so-called “roller v-blocks” are often used. During the bending process, the rollers roll over the profile.

Alternatively, we also recommend the radial bending machine, which is frequently used for round bending.

Mark-free bending of round steel

Mark-free bending of round steel (or rectangular stock) can be achieved with a roller v-block. The roller and the bending punch can have additional profiling.

Bending with a roller v-block

This area is currently under construction. Further informations will follow soon.

Bending copper electrodes

We specialise in bending copper electrodes. We have developed bending solutions for copper electrodes for several well-known companies in recent years. Bending of copper rods of this sort is common up to a diameter of 70 mm.

Bending reinforced concrete and reinforcing steel

Reinforced concrete and reinforcing steel can be bent as follows:

  • Stierli radial bending machine
  • Stierli horizontal bending machine + forming tool
  • Stierli horizontal bending machine + special tool

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you in detail.

Bending round steel

Round steel is bent on the horizontal bending machine, usually with a roller v-block.

These can have a fixed diameter range or may be adjustable.

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