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Bending on the flat side (edge)
Bending on the flat side (edge) Bending on the flat side (edge)

Bending on the flat side (edge)

Edge bending (bending on the flat side) is carried out with a manual clamp or a hydraulic clamp, depending on size. Our tooling for edge bending is designed in such a way that optimal bending results are achieved when bending on the flat edge side.

Edge bending is usually carried out on the horizontal bending machine. A radial bending machine is also an option for edge bending.

Edge bending with manual clamp

 Edge bending of busbars (on the flat side) can be carried out up to 60x10 mm with a manual clamp.

The clamp provides the quality required.

Edge bending with hydraulic clamp

We recommend a hydraulic clamp from a thickness of 60x10 mm.

Edge bending up to 100x10 mm is possible with a hydraulic clamp. (Larger cross-sections on request).

180° edge bending

The radial bending machine makes it possible to create bends over 90° on the flat side - edge bending. 180° bends or greater can be achieved with edge bending on the radial bending machine.

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