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Automatic re-bending

Automatic re-bending is carried out in the machine series with CNC-WP control. Automatic re-bending makes high bending accuracy possible, irrespective of fluctuations in material quality. After the first bending stroke, the angle is measured and is re-bent with one or more further bending strokes.

Bending with angle measurement

The Stierli 220 CNC-WP, 420 CNC-WP and 700 CNC-WP bending machines are equipped with active angle measurement. After each bending process, the bend is measured with the angle measurement and is re-bent with one or more further bends. This technology allows compensation for material fluctuations and different spring-backs in the material.

Bending with automatic angle adjustment

This area is currently under construction. Further informations will follow soon.

Automatic spring-back compensation

Differences in the material can lead to variations in the spring-back when bending. This can have a detrimental effect on the repeat accuracy during bending. In order to offset these differences in spring-back when bending, we use active angle measurement in the CNC-WP control to monitor the bending results and bend to the required high degree of accuracy with one or more additional bending strokes. This automatic spring-back compensation increases process reliability and ensures consistent quality and repeat accuracy.



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