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Forming tools for series production (embossing tools)

Forming tools for series production (embossing tools)

Series parts can be bent very cost-effectively with a forming tool and the Stierli bending machine. The cylinder support plate is designed in such a way that your forming tools can be attached easily.

Bending with forming tools on the Stierli bending machine represents an economical alternative for series production. Depending on the bent part, up to 600 bends per hour are possible.

Compression moulding

Compression moulding of radii or shell-like components can be carried out with the Stierli horizontal bending machine.

With compression moulding (or form bending), series parts can be manufactured economically.

Press bending

The press bending procedure works with two identical mould halves. Free-form contours can be bent with one stroke. The tools for press bending are often made by the customer. The machine is set up to allow the tools for press bending to be fitted easily.

Stamping pipe clips (forming press)

Series production of pipe clips can be carried out with the horizontal bending machine with a stamping tool. Stamping is a cost-effective way of producing pipe clips as the investment and tool costs are relatively low.

Alternatively, we recommend combining our radial bending machine (for bending the curve) with a small Stierli horizontal bending machine (for bending the lugs).

Tools for stamping can be made by the customer.

Bending or stamping fixing brackets, fixing profiles or fixing plates

Bending of special profiles for fixing technology or cladding can be carried out with the Stierli bending machine and the right tools (standard bending tools or stamping forming tools).

Bending Florentine bars

Florentine bars can be bent using simple stamping tools. The stamping tool required can be manufactured very easily in-house.

Bending reinforcement steel (press bending)

Reinforcement rods and reinforcement steel can be manufactured in large series by press bending in forming tools.

The appropriate tool can be made either by the customer or by us on the horizontal bending machine.





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